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Outdoor Lighting More than 200 products

We focus on LED Industrial Lighting, LED Street Lighting, LED Architecture Lighting, LED Landscape Lighting ,Solar Lawn Lights, LED Sports Lighting, and LED Commercial Lighting and so on.

Project solution Professional engineering solutions

We not just produce LED Outdoor lights, but also provide prodessional intergrated lighting application solutions.

Smart Lighting System Smart Lighting system provider

Intelligent Lighting Control Solutions, which can provide: Good energy saving effect, Extend the lifespan of light source, Improve the working environment, Improve Efficiency, Achieve variety of lighting effects etc.

About Mixing

LED Commercial and Industrial Lighting Professionals
As a

China LED Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers and Solar Lawn Lights Suppliers

,With more than 9 years experience in LED lighting industry,Mixing Lighting,focus on LED Cimmercial and Industrial Lighting and new lighting applications.

To creat value and provide professional lighting products for customers,our company takes quality as ....


Why choose us

Honesty is the basis, win-win through cooperation

  • Around 10 years

    Experience in the field of LED Outdoor lighting

  • high quality

    Using famous high quality LED chips,such as PHILIPS,OSRAM,SAMSUNG,Bridgelux,Epistar etc., asure pur LED lamps are alll with high lumen output, high CRI and low light decay.

  • fulfill customer's request

    Using isolated and constant current LED driver , PF>0.96 . THD - 12 . Which can meet strict requirement in world wide market

  • Long life

    The heat-sink we use with excellent performance in heat-dissipation, to make sure LED work in a proper temperature, and then have super long lifespan

  • Strict quality

    Strict quality control to make sure each lamp you buy is qualified  

  • Certification

    The product are CE  RoHS approved, supply 3 / 5 Years warranty. All LED driver we use are MeanWell, Moso, Lifud etc, which are CE RoHS TUV UL SAA FCC approved .


  • LED lamp beads for voltage requirements

    LED ceiling lamps are called 3V LED lamp beads. In fact, different colors have different requirements for current, requiring minimum current, followed by red, green, white and blue. If the current is ...

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  • Reasons for burning high-power LED lamp beads:

    1. two filaments above and below, our industry is called gold wire, pure gold, for conductive, two positive, two negative, really good product will have a fifth line, welded on the Zener tube, from Pr...

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  • LED filament light bulb dimmer purchase tips

    With the continuous improvement of living standards, LED filament bulbs have slowly entered thousands of households, and the dimmers matched by LED filament bulbs have won the user's favorite! Below I...

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of solar lights

    Advantage 1. It can be installed without trenching, embedding and backfilling to save construction costs; 2, there is no purchasing power equipment, saving the corresponding equipment; 3 can realize a...

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  • LED panel light embedded installation

    The specific installation method is as follows 1. Place the heads of the four screw rods into the hole of the back cover of the lamp body; 2. Slide the four screws to the small panel light hole and ma...

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  • Problems with LED luminaires

    1. The luminosity distribution of most street lamps produced in China is unreasonable. 2. Insulation withstand voltage is common in LED street lights with anti-surge interference. The EMS design of LE...

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