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Outdoor Lighting More than 200 products

We focus on LED Industrial Lighting, LED Street Lighting, LED Architecture Lighting, LED Landscape Lighting ,Solar Lawn Lights, LED Sports Lighting, and LED Commercial Lighting and so on.

Project solution Professional engineering solutions

We not just produce LED Outdoor lights, but also provide prodessional intergrated lighting application solutions.

Smart Lighting System Smart Lighting system provider

Intelligent Lighting Control Solutions, which can provide: Good energy saving effect, Extend the lifespan of light source, Improve the working environment, Improve Efficiency, Achieve variety of lighting effects etc.

About Mixing

LED Commercial and Industrial Lighting Professionals
As a

China LED Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers and Solar Lawn Lights Suppliers

,With more than 9 years experience in LED lighting industry,Mixing Lighting,focus on LED Cimmercial and Industrial Lighting and new lighting applications.

To creat value and provide professional lighting products for customers,our company takes quality as ....


Why choose us

Honesty is the basis, win-win through cooperation

  • Around 10 years

    Experience in the field of LED Outdoor lighting

  • high quality

    Using famous high quality LED chips,such as PHILIPS,OSRAM,SAMSUNG,Bridgelux,Epistar etc., asure pur LED lamps are alll with high lumen output, high CRI and low light decay.

  • fulfill customer's request

    Using isolated and constant current LED driver , PF>0.96 . THD - 12 . Which can meet strict requirement in world wide market

  • Long life

    The heat-sink we use with excellent performance in heat-dissipation, to make sure LED work in a proper temperature, and then have super long lifespan

  • Strict quality

    Strict quality control to make sure each lamp you buy is qualified  

  • Certification

    The product are CE  RoHS approved, supply 3 / 5 Years warranty. All LED driver we use are MeanWell, Moso, Lifud etc, which are CE RoHS TUV UL SAA FCC approved .


  • Circuit design and soldering process for power products

    Judging the pros and cons of design: Aside from the professional point of view, it can be distinguished by some methods of visual LED lighting, such as neat layout, small gas, orderly, and clean and s...

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  • Driver chip

    The center of the LED panel light power supply is the IC, and the quality of the IC directly affects the entire power supply. The driver ICs of Dachang are all purchased for the large-scale packaging ...

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  • LED light fixture

    LED luminaires are LED-based illuminating elements and matched drivers, as well as light distribution components, components that secure and protect the illuminating components, and complete luminaire...

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  • What should you pay attention to when maintaining high pole lights?

    1. Ensure that the safety of the surrounding environment is cut off. 2. Check the ropes and facilities for later failure. 3. Ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. 4, away from the light board be...

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  • Mistakes in lighting purchase

    The light is too strong Reading in a dim condition is not good. Reading in an overly bright place can also cause damage to both eyes. Under the condition that the light is too bright, the reflection i...

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  • How to compare the price of photovoltaic products?

    The main factor affecting the price of solar lights is the maximum capacity of solar power supplies and power supplies. High-power, large-capacity configuration will inevitably pay higher costs; On th...

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