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The basic knowledge of the installation of lamps

Update:18 May 2018

About the installation of lamps A) The installation dis […]

About the installation of lamps
A) The installation distance between the luminaire and the luminaire should not be too close. When the luminaire is installed too densely, the temperature of the luminaire will increase.Recommend you our Fiber Optic Splice Closure site.
B) If the temperature of the lamp is too high, the temperature rise of the ballast will exceed the allowable range, which will cause the life of the ballast and the lamp to be shortened, and the phenomenon of burnout and cracking of the lamp holder or the internal space of the lamp will occur.

C) The temperature rise of the lamp is affected by the size of the lamp's internal space, the size of the lamp and lamp arrangement, and the impact of construction and materials. Please refer to the following for the correct installation method:
(1) Appropriate lighting installation intervals.
(2) Increase the interior space of the luminaire.
(3) There are cooling holes around the lamp body.
(4) Ballast adopts other type.
(5) The interior of the ceiling is well ventilated.

D) Lighting installation location Avoid contact with flammable items such as curtains.

E) The upper temperature of the gas appliance is very high. The lamp should be kept at a proper distance from the heat source, such as the kitchen. The installation location of the lamp should be more than 1 meter away from the heat source.

F) The installation direction of the rainproof type lamps has a specified direction and must be installed in accordance with the specified direction to prevent rainwater intrusion.

G) When installing moisture-proof and rain-proof lamps, pay attention to the following points:
(1) The rubber gaskets on the mounting surface and the mounting portion of the lamp must be tightly fitted.
(2) If there is irregularity in the mounting surface, install the light fixture around the fixture mounting position.
(3) Pay attention to whether the outlet of the power outlet leads to water.

H) When the reinforced concrete equipment is installed, it must wait for the concrete surface to dry before installing the lamps. If the lamps are not confirmed to be dry, the moisture of the concrete will be absorbed by the lamps and the insulation will be reduced after the lamps are installed,Lamp coating surface fall off.

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