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Some basic knowledge of solar street lights

Update:27 Jul 2018

1. How to choose the light of the solar light? Solar li […]

1. How to choose the light of the solar light?
Solar lights generally choose high efficiency and energy saving.
The light (bulb) currently used in solar lamps mainly includes: high-efficiency DC energy-saving lamps, ultra-bright LED lamps, infinite electromagnetic induction lamp semiconductors (LVD), low-pressure sodium lamps (LPS), and high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS).
At present, a large number of solar lawn lights choose LED as light;
Solar garden lights and LED and DC 12 v energy-saving bulbs as light;
Solar street lights can be used in DC 12 V energy-saving lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, infinitely selective electromagnetic induction lamps and other light, depending on the actual situation.
Regardless of the type of light chosen, power has a direct relationship with its brightness and light.
The same kind of light, the greater the power, the higher the brightness;
The lower the power, the lower the brightness.

2. How long can the solar lights be illuminated in sunny weather?
Solar lighting time can be set according to user needs.
The same location, the choice of ratios directly related to solar power components and storage power.
Under the premise, confirming the power of the light can choose the solar power component and the storage power capacity, greater power to ensure long-term lighting, shortening the opposite.
The standard system configuration should generally guarantee 5 to 10 hours of lighting time.

3. How long can solar lights be used in rainy weather?
Solar lights can be used to ensure continuous rainy day time, depending on the specific situation and customer requirements.
Generally, when continuous rainy weather is encountered, the lighting time should be no less than 2 days (5-10 hours a day).

4. How long is the service life of the main components of optoelectronic products?
Solar power components, controllers, power storage, and lighting are the four main components of solar lighting products.
Reference service life of major components
Solar power components for 25 years
Controller ten years
Power 3 - 5 years
Different illumination lights

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