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Solar power pack power selection

Update:01 Mar 2019

The peak power under solar power conditions is the maxi […]

The peak power under solar power conditions is the maximum output power of a standard solar power STC (component), unit peak, or using the symbol Wp.
STC: European Commission defined by the 101 standard, radiation intensity 1000 w / m 2, air quality, power supply temperature 25 ° CAM 1.5)
The output power of the solar power source (component) depends on the solar power, the spectral distribution and the operating temperature of the solar power source (component).
At different times and at different locations, the output power as a solar power source is different.
Some people think that it is not, as long as there is sunshine, there will be rated output power, and even think that the solar power can be used normally under the light.
The calculation of the area per square meter, the output power of the solar power supply is about 120 w.
In order to improve the conversion efficiency, the output power is also increased accordingly.
The output of the solar module is selected, and the local climate is determined according to the optical power, time and geographical conditions of the solar lamp.

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