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Reasons for burning high-power LED lamp beads:

Update:08 Sep 2018

1. two filaments above and below, our industry is calle […]

1. two filaments above and below, our industry is called gold wire, pure gold, for conductive, two positive, two negative, really good product will have a fifth line, welded on the Zener tube, from Protective.

2. the filament is short, it has been very clear to tell you that your lamp has been burned by the high-current LED lamp, which is equivalent to breaking the road.

3.The driving current of high power 1W is about 350ma, and the working voltage is between 3.2-3.6V. Please pay attention when using it. Excessive current will definitely burn the lamp.

4.Generally, the aluminum substrates of three 1W lamps are driven by about 12V. Rarely use 220V directly. You can see if there is a constant current source or a 12V driving power supply.

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