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LED panel light principle and characteristics

Update:13 Jun 2018

1.The principle of LED panel lights The structure of th […]

1.The principle of LED panel lights

The structure of the LED panel light is composed of a backlight module, a light source, a drive, an outer frame structure, and a diffusion plate. The light source is irradiated from both sides or four sides of the light guide material. The light passes through the light guide plate after the interference pattern processing to change the direction of light advancement. Most of the interfered light is emitted toward the diffuser plate, and the small part is reflected to the reflective material to make the second light. The sub-reflection is to illuminate the light as much as possible to achieve the purpose of lighting.

2.LED panel light features

Energy-saving: high-efficiency, energy-saving, non-pollution, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, saving more than 70% energy than traditional light sources;

Environmental protection: There are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, ie no heat, no radiation, and it can be safely touched. It belongs to a typical green lighting source.

Long life: At present, the life of LED light source has reached more than 100,000 hours. With the continuous development of LED technology and the widespread adoption of application technology, it has basically reached a more ideal state in terms of driving and heat dissipation. The life of commercially available high-quality LED lamps basically reaches 10,000. -50000 hours, almost 10-50 times that of ordinary halogen spotlights.

Flexible application: ultra-thin and lightweight, easy to install and save space, can be made into any graphic shape, any color, can also be designed to change the color effect.

Luminous method: This light source emits light on the side of the side, and its surface is smooth and bright, even and soft, not dazzling.

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