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LED panel light embedded installation

Update:03 Aug 2018

First install the sheet metal slot on the ceiling, then […]

First install the sheet metal slot on the ceiling, then fix a few protruding LED panel light fixtures on the back of the LED panel light, and then put the panel light into the bracket to match the sheet metal slot on the ceiling. On the ceiling. However, due to the different thickness of the ceiling, it is necessary to adjust the height between the lamp surface and the bracket, otherwise the LED panel light will be higher or lower than the ceiling surface after being installed.

The specific installation method is as follows
1. Place the heads of the four screw rods into the hole of the back cover of the lamp body;
2. Slide the four screws to the small panel light hole and make sure that the swash plate is stuck in the cover;
3. Align the hole position of the power supply structure with the four screws. If there is any misalignment, move it slightly;
4. Screw the nut and the screw to fix the power supply to the panel light box;
5. Connect the plug-type structure of the power output end to the plug-type card position inside the box, and insert it with it.
6. Insert the lamp body into the ceiling, connect the plug to the power supply, turn on the LED light switch, and turn on the panel light.

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