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LED lamp beads for voltage requirements

Update:14 Sep 2018

LED ceiling lamps are called 3V LED lamp beads. In fact […]

LED ceiling lamps are called 3V LED lamp beads. In fact, different colors have different requirements for current, requiring minimum current, followed by red, green, white and blue. If the current is too large, the wick will burn. Using a 2.4V rechargeable battery, it is easy to burn, because even if the voltage is not large, but the current is too large, it will still burn.
When using the button battery, because the button battery voltage is 3V, but because the button battery discharge current is very small, the 3V LED downlight LED lamp beads will not be burned. Therefore, when using LED lamp beads, you should choose the right power supply, pay attention to voltage, and current. When using the power supply, if it does not meet the rated requirements of the LED lamp bead, you need to improve the circuit, and the common installation resistor!

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