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LED filament light bulb dimmer purchase tips

Update:31 Aug 2018

With the continuous improvement of living standards, LE […]

With the continuous improvement of living standards, LED filament bulbs have slowly entered thousands of households, and the dimmers matched by LED filament bulbs have won the user's favorite! Below I will introduce you how to choose the dimmer of LED filament bulb!

Currently, dimmers on the market are basically divided into thyristor dimmers, leading edge (front) phase dimmers, and trailing edge (post-cut) phase dimmers, each of which has its own characteristics.
1. SCR dimmer: At present, it can match more than 80% of LED filament bulbs on the market. To achieve a certain load, it can exert its dimming effect (when the load power is too low, the dimming effect is not obvious). The disadvantage is that the load is required, and sometimes the dimming effect of a single bulb is not obvious.
2. Front-cut phase dimmer: Matching more than 70% of the LED filament bulbs on the market, adjusted under the premise of adjustable silicon dimmer, small size, remote control, low price, wide range of matching bulbs Fan is the leading dimmer in the market. However, when the dimming is performed, the current fluctuates greatly and the driving of the bulb is easily damaged.
3. After-cut phase dimmer: Parallel to the circuit, there is no requirement for the load (small to 1W can be dimmed), can be widely used for LED filament bulb dimming, and the dimming effect is ideal, electromagnetic interference is relatively small, It is the most ideal dimmer at the moment!

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