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LED driver does not work reason analysis? (2)

Update:19 Apr 2019

1. The phase line is wrong Generally, the outdoor engin […]

1. The phase line is wrong
Generally, the outdoor engineering application is a 3-phase four-wire system. Take the national standard as an example. The rated working voltage between each phase line and the neutral line is 220Vac, and the voltage between the phase line and the phase line is 380Vac. If the construction worker connects the input of the drive to the two phase lines, the power input to the LED driver exceeds the standard and the product fails.
When the neutral line (N) on the line is disconnected, the drivers R1 and R2 on the two branches are connected to the 380Vac voltage in series. Because of the difference in input internal resistance, when one of the drivers is charged to start, the internal resistance becomes small, and the voltage may be mostly applied to the other driver, causing its overvoltage damage to fail.
Therefore, it is recommended that the switch or circuit breaker be broken together on the same distribution branch, and not only the neutral line can be disconnected. Do not place the distribution fuse on the neutral line. Avoid contact with the neutral line on the line.
2. Drive cooling
When the drive is installed in a non-ventilated environment, the drive housing should be in contact with the lamp housing as much as possible. If possible, apply thermal grease or thermal pad on the contact surface between the housing and the lamp housing to improve the heat dissipation performance of the driver, thus ensuring the driver's Life and reliability.
3. the line frequently trips
The lights on the same branch are connected too much, resulting in overloading of the load on one phase and uneven distribution of power between the phases, causing the line to trip frequently.
4. the grid fluctuation range is beyond the reasonable range
When the wiring of the same transformer grid branch is too long and there are large power equipment in the branch, when the large equipment starts and stops, the grid voltage will fluctuate drastically, and even the grid will be unstable. When the instantaneous voltage of the power grid exceeds 310Vac, the drive may be damaged (even if there is a lightning protection device, because the lightning protection device is dealing with pulse spikes of several tens of uS level, and the power grid fluctuation may reach several tens of mS or even several hundred mS).

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