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How to judge the quality of LED power supply?

Update:13 Jul 2018

First, the level of PFC (power factor) But not necessar […]

First, the level of PFC (power factor)
But not necessarily high PFC is good, but the overall ramp is small, the ripple is small, and the interference is low (because some manufacturers deliberately make the PFC very high but ignore the electromagnetic compatibility part).

Second, the conversion efficiency
The conversion efficiency is high and low, the magnitude of the deviation is stable and stable. For example, AC170-250V is the working voltage range. I can try to debug from 170V-250V. From low to high, the constant voltage can be seen on the power meter. Whether the fluctuation of "conversion efficiency, PFC" is large, to prove its stability.

Third, see if the temperature rise of the power supply is high.
If the temperature of the power supply itself is higher, the damage to the components is greater.

Fourth, periodic aging test
The continuous lamp is aging, and the attenuation of the lamp bead and the heat dissipation of the lamp housing can be detected continuously for about one month.

Fifth, the detection of the boot is the instantaneous impact current on the lamp bead.

Sixth. Detect the stability of the current of the constant current.

Seventh. Detecting the protection function of the power supply: Whether it has over temperature protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection.

Eighth. High voltage: Whether the input and output can exceed 3000V. Enter whether the ground pressure can exceed 1500V.

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