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How to distinguish good and bad LED high bay light

Update:21 Jul 2018

See product packaging and trademarks The outer packagin […]

See product packaging and trademarks
The outer packaging of genuine LED high bay light should be marked with the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and other information, as well as the brand trademark and related certification mark. The trademark printed on the outer packaging of the genuine LED high bay light has good quality, the font is clear, and it is not easy to fall off. That is to say, it is wiped with a soft damp cloth, and the trademark is still clearly identifiable. The trademark printing quality of counterfeit products is poor, the font is blurred, and the trademarks of some products can be erased with a damp cloth. In addition, there are no printed trademarks and related certification marks on the outer packaging of some inferior products.

Look at the appearance of the tube
Genuine LED high bay light uses integrated high power lamp beads or patch lamp beads, the lamp bead chip is clear, and the glue and gold wire are clearly visible. When purchasing, consumers can put a number of LED industrial and mining lights together for comparison. Lamp bead chips and products with good dimensional consistency are generally mass-produced products, and the quality is mostly guaranteed. In addition, it depends on whether the appearance of the LED lamp is cracked or loose, and observe whether the interface has been traced. If there is, it indicates that it is a poor quality product. Genuine LED high bay light will not appear loose, hoeing and other phenomena during installation and disassembly.

Consumers can also identify the quality of the LED miner's lamp shell material. Genuine LED high bay light is made of space aluminum, the thermal conductivity is super good, aluminum oxidation shows smooth, no sharp surface. Inferior products are made of ordinary plastic, and the surface is rough and dull. These materials are characterized by easy deformation, easy scratching, and poor heat dissipation.

Look at the temperature at work
Under working conditions, the temperature of genuine LED high bay lights will not be too high and can be touched by hand. If the purchased product heats up significantly during work, it indicates a problem with its quality. In addition, if the LED industrial light flashes, it also indicates that there is a problem with its quality.

Look at electromagnetic interference
In China, electromagnetic compatibility is an important indicator for assessing the eligibility of electrical products. Therefore, consumers can check whether there is a relevant mark on the outer packaging when they purchase LED high bay light. At the time of purchase, consumers can test with medium and short wave radios. Place the radio near the LED high bay light, and observe the noise emitted from the radio. The lower the noise, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the product.

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