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How to determine the quality of LED downlights

Update:03 May 2018

First, when purchasing LED downlights, the first thing […]

First, when purchasing LED downlights, the first thing we need to do is check the appearance of the lamps to see if the lamp body is clean, whether it is scratched, and whether the overall feel is good. The overall feel of a better LED downlight will be heavier because the raw materials used are better.

Second, hold the LED downlight on your hand and shake it carefully. Listen carefully to see if there is abnormal noise. If abnormal noise is found, it means that the interior of the LED downlight is not fixed. This will lead to direct security risks. This is one of the quality issues.

Third, when you get the LED down light, insert the power to light the LED downlight, and then use the camera's camera function close to the light-emitting surface to observe if there is a strobe phenomenon, if there is a strobe, not only affect the service life of the down light, but also Invisibility brings you security risks, indicating that this LED downlight is a poor product.

Fourth, you can also light the same type of downlight produced by the same manufacturer at the same time. Observe whether the light color and brightness are the same. If they are not the same, it proves to be a poor quality product. In theory, The downlight produced by the same manufacturer has no problem of inconsistency in light color and brightness.

Fifth, turn on the LED downlight, let it light for a few minutes, and then touch the heat sink behind the downlight with your hand. If there is a burning heat, it indicates that the light fixture is an unqualified product.

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