LED lighting technology becoming mature, high power LED light source has can meet the general street lamp luminous flux as needed. Commonly used high power LED is 120 to 130 lm/W, with the best LED chip and lens can reach 180lm/W, the higher luminous efficiency, means the better energy saving effect, which is one of the most important indicator to choose LED street light. Leds, however, does not have explicitly stipulated in the standard, so must be carefully confirmed when purchasing LED street light.

2. Choose high power led chips

In order to reduce materials cost, some factory choose to use hundreds of small power LED 0.2-0.5 W to make a led street light. However, this kind of small power LEDs failure rate is very high. Due to the demands of long-term use, the LED street light is absolutely not allowed to the use this kind of small power LED. High power leds is the best choice.

3. Choose good Heat dissipation street lamp

LED's lifespan and light decay are highly affected by temperature. It might reduced to 30% of the initial luminous flux if its temperature is too high. It is defenitely worthy to use an good heat-dissipation housing. 

4. Choose good and reliable led driver

Driver is the heart of a led lamp.  In order to assure the lifespan of the led street light, a good quality reliable led driver is a must. Good led drivers' lifespan can upto 25000hrs to 30000hrs, meanwhile the cheap ones only can last less than 5000hrs. Of course the good driver costs much higher, but it is absolutely worthy if compare to the whole lamp lifespan and the maintainance cost.