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Factory lighting LED lighting installation points

Update:30 Apr 2019

Factory workshop lighting differs depending on the natu […]

Factory workshop lighting differs depending on the nature of the factory, but it often has the common characteristics of large opening, high roof and long time. Many modern industries need 24 hours of continuous production, so the energy-saving retrofit of LED lighting is more economical. Cost-effective, so many factory owners have taken the initiative to pay attention to LED lights, just because the price of LED lights is too high in the past few years, not only the price of LED lights is much lower, but also LED high-altitude lamps that are suitable for factory floor lighting are also listed. Business is a great news.

LED high bay light is made of super bright LED chip as the light source. It adopts high efficiency lens. It uses copper heat conduction and aluminum alloy to dissipate heat. The fluid thermodynamic design makes the air flow automatically and has no noise. It is suitable for factories, mines, warehouses and oil. It is used by enterprises such as chemical industry and smelting, especially for lighting in inflammable and explosive places. A variety of mounting methods such as seat and boom can be used.

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