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Differences in performance evaluation between LED lamps and traditional light source lamps

Update:13 Oct 2018

a.The characteristics of a single illuminant of a conve […]

a.The characteristics of a single illuminant of a conventional light source are different, and the LED lamp used in the LED luminaire is composed of a plurality of illuminants and emits light.There is a color difference between the illuminants in the LED luminaire. It is necessary to evaluate the spatial distribution of the color of the LED luminaire by using the uniformity evaluation of the color space.

b. Use life to evaluate the durability of LED luminaires.
The measurement and evaluation of the life performance of traditional light sources have been standardized and interchangeable, so the life of traditional light source lamps can be met by replacing the damaged light source and the control device of the lamp designed for 10 years of life, so it is generally not evaluated. The life of traditional light source lamps. The life of an LED luminaire is related to the life of the LED itself, the LED driver and the environment in which the luminaire is supplied to the LED, etc., and currently there are many forms of LED lamps. Except for LEDs with standard lamp heads, other LED lamps are not interchangeable, so The life of different LED luminaires can only be determined by the relevant life evaluation. When evaluating the life of an LED luminaire, it is necessary to claim not only the lumen maintenance life (LX) but also the failure rate (FX).

c. The evaluation parameters of the luminous flux ratio that the luminaire can utilize are different from those of conventional luminaires. Traditional lighting fixtures are evaluated with luminaire efficiency, while LED luminaires are evaluated for efficacy.

d. Unlike traditional illumination sources, the photometric test can be performed separately. The relative method can be used for photometric measurement. The LED light source is extremely sensitive to temperature. It is not suitable to separate the LED light source from the lamp and measure it separately. For the photometric measurement, the absolute method should be used for the lamp. The photometric test was performed as a whole.

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