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Differences in design between LED luminaires and traditional light source luminaires

Update:12 Jan 2019

A. Optical system (1) LED luminaire optical system gene […]

A. Optical system

(1) LED luminaire optical system generally consists of LED chip and lens composed of LED unit or LED unit array. The array is sometimes arranged on a flat aluminum substrate, or on a protruding or concave shaped substrate. The luminaire is used or not. Use a translucent cover. The luminaire manufacturer can combine multiple LED units or dozens of LED units on the substrate according to lighting requirements. Attention should be paid to control the consistency of the color of the LED unit after the combination, and the color space uniformity of the LED luminaire should be evaluated.

(2) Since the photoelectric characteristics of the LED are very sensitive to the change of the PN junction temperature; the encapsulating resin will rapidly deteriorate under high temperature and strong light irradiation; the long-term optical radiation will gradually reduce the photoconversion rate of the phosphor and lead to the color seat. The target offset. When evaluating the life of an LED lamp, the lumen maintenance rate of the LED lamp is usually evaluated under the condition of limiting the color shift.

B. Electrical accessories
LED driver power is a key element in the performance of LED lamps, and it is also one of the lighting selection or design requirements. The electrical design of LED luminaires should consider the characteristics and quantity of LEDs used in the luminaire, the location where the luminaires are installed, and the location of the luminaires in the grid to consider electrical safety, constant current drive, immunity and EMI, and select or design a suitable LED drive power supply.

Since the LED is driven by a low voltage constant current source of 2V to 3V, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, which can directly connect 220V AC mains, it is necessary to design power and control circuits to drive the LEDs. In addition, the electrical connection of the LED module is also an important part of the electrical system of the LED lamp. Safety should be fully considered, and standard connectors, adequate insulation, and protection against electric shock should be used.

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