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Composition of solar street light source

Update:23 Feb 2019

(1) Low-voltage energy-saving lamps: low power, high li […]

(1) Low-voltage energy-saving lamps: low power, high light efficiency, but the service life is 2000 hours, the low voltage tube is black, generally suitable for solar lawn lights, garden lights.

(2) Low-pressure sodium lamp: low-pressure sodium has high light efficiency (up to 200Lm/w), but requires inverter, low-pressure sodium lamp is expensive, and the whole system is made high, and it is used less.

(3) Induction lamp: low power and high luminous efficiency. The lamp is used under normal commercial conditions of 220V (pure sine wave, frequency 50 Hz), and its life can reach 50,000 hours. The service life of solar lamps is greatly reduced compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps (because solar lamps are square wave inverters) The solar power 220V output frequency, position and voltage are not comparable to ordinary utility power).

(4) LED: LED light source, long life, up to 1000000 hours, low working voltage, no inverter, high light efficiency, domestic 50 Lm/w, imported 80 Lm/w. As technology advances, the performance of LEDs will increase further. The author believes that LED as a source of solar street lights will be a trend.

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