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Advantages and disadvantages of solar lights

Update:24 Aug 2018

Advantage 1. It can be installed without trenching, emb […]

1. It can be installed without trenching, embedding and backfilling to save construction costs;
2, there is no purchasing power equipment, saving the corresponding equipment;
3 can realize automatic control, solar lamps, no personnel management, saving management costs;
4, solar energy sources, do not use traditional electrical energy, saving operating costs;
5, maintenance is simple, no electric shock, safe to use.

1. The overall efficiency is directly affected by the intensity of the sun, and the solar area cannot be installed to meet local needs;
2. The solar power module receives high sunlight and avoids obstacles. The specific installation location is limited;
3. Under the premise of not considering construction, operation, maintenance and other expenses, the initial investment cost is slightly higher;
4. If the solar module is installed in the pole, considering the wind intensity as a whole, the investment will be slightly higher than the ordinary light pole.
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