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Mistakes in lighting purchase

Update:16 Nov 2018

The light is too strong Reading in a dim condition is n […]

The light is too strong
Reading in a dim condition is not good. Reading in an overly bright place can also cause damage to both eyes. Under the condition that the light is too bright, the reflection is enhanced, which reduces the resolving power of the eye and leads to visual fatigue. This is also a myopia. The main predisposing factors.

Choose white light

White light is also known as cool light. Generally, it is 6000k according to the color temperature of the lamp. Since white light can provide the maximum brightness contrast, intelligence causes the weakest visual response, so it will be more likely to cause eye fatigue.

The higher the frequency, the better

The flashing frequency of the light is also a concern of some people who are getting started with the selection of lights. Generally speaking, the higher the flashing frequency, the lower the relative visual fatigue, but the stroboscopic one is also one of the factors causing visual fatigue, and cannot rely entirely on stroboscopic lighting. To judge the quality of the light.

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