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LED high bay light performance advantages

Update:23 Mar 2019

1. Excellent explosion-proof performance, can be safely […]

1. Excellent explosion-proof performance, can be safely used in various flammable and explosive places
2. Using LED chips, optimized LED package structure, achieving low light decay, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;
3. The key components of the power supply adopt the world brand to ensure the service life of the lamps;
4. Use crystal lens to distribute light to meet the lighting needs of different occasions;
5. Adopting transparent structure design to optimize the heat dissipation structure to ensure the life of the lamp;
6. The luminaire adopts an angle locking device to ensure that the long-term working angle does not change under the vibration environment;
7. The lamp body is made of light alloy material, special sealing and surface coating treatment to ensure that the lamp will never corrode in the harsh environment such as humidity and high temperature, and will never rust;
If the factory does not have other special operation requirements, the LED high bay light should be installed at a height of less than 4 meters, which can improve the lighting efficiency and reduce the power consumption.

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